Sire: Huntmoor's Atticus Finch
   Ballet Danse Litter Dam: Absinthe's Vivienne-Jolie
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French Ballet Dancer Litter

Born: 5 April 2012

       We are so proud, thrilled and delighted to announce the arrival of our 1st litter of Basset Hound Puppies on over 5 years. We don't do anything rash or haphazard here at Absinthe Bassets, and the wait for another litter was a deliberate and well planned one.

       The litter theme comes from the origins of the Basset Hound ( France ) and also our love of the Ballet.  While the "Call Names" for the puppies will most assuredly change as the puppies grow, below are the names by which we will register them:

  • Louis Dupre`
  • Jean-Baptiste Brulo
  • Zizi Jeanmarie
  • Maguerite Morel


These puppies ( at this date) are everything we could have hoped they would be. Beautiful, healthy and plump, rolly-polly hushpuppies! Check back frequently for new pictures of the puppies. We will be posting new pictures weekly. Oh yes, Absinthe will be keeping a girl for our program and her name will be, "Absinthe Zizi Jeanmarie." Now comes the hard part of decided which will carry this name.
Monday 23-Jul-2012 14:16