At this time, all the puppies from our current litter born 24 February 2019, have been reserved. We are planning one more litter for late Summer 2019.  We do suggest recommend contacting the Basset Hound Club of America/Breeder Referrals, where you will find reputable breeders who may have puppies available at this time.  Here is the link:  

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Contracts and Co-Ownerships


    Most reputable breeders will sell their puppies on contracts. The contract serves to define the description of the purchase and contains specific language outlining the breeder's responsibility to the purchaser as well as what is required of the purchaser in providing a home for the pup. The first section of a contract should include a description of the purchase; including price of puppy, registered name of puppy, date of birth, registered names of sire and dam, OFA numbers for sire and dam, etc.


    Most breeders will have specific "conditions of sale" for show/breeding and companion/pet puppies. Most breeders will require that pets be spayed or neutered. Health guarantees may only be offered on show puppies, however, some breeders will honor health refunds for pets. Read the contract carefully to understand health guarantees. Generally speaking, most health guarantees relate to hip dysplasia and a dog's ability to obtain a passing OFA rating. In many instances, if the dog is unable to obtain an OFA clearance, the breeder will refund the difference between the price of a show and pet quality puppy. Some breeders will also offer health guarantees for other orthopedic conditions such as OCD which is common in Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs. If you are unclear, ask your breeder to be more specific regarding health guarantees and associated refunds. Most reputable breeders will stand behind their puppies and happily offer refunds to help compensate for any health problems.


Show vs. Pet Quality


    This can be a rather confusing issue for someone just beginning their search. In every litter (even the best planned champions) there will be both show and pet quality puppies. It is a rare exception to have an entire litter of show quality puppies. You may not be interested in a "show dog", but purchasing a pet from a well bred and well planned litter is in your best interest.


    A reputable breeder will grade the litter at or close to 8 weeks of age and make a determination of show and pet quality puppies in the litter. The decision of grading is based upon, but not limited to, physical structure, temperament, markings, type and bite. A keen eye and knowledge of the breed is necessary to skillfully grade puppies and have an accurate outcome. Ask your breeder how puppies are graded. Inexperienced breeders will often grade puppies purely on markings.


    Many breeders are reluctant to sell show quality puppies to pet homes and would prefer to see their show prospects shown to their championships and perhaps be used for breeding if appropriate health clearances are obtained. In many instances, breeders will seek co-ownership arrangements to place prospective show/breeding puppies in pet homes.




There are several types of co-ownership arrangements:


  • Co-ownerships between breeders and peers are quite common and serve as a tool to expand a breeder's gene pool while limiting the dogs in residence. Co-ownerships between breeders and fanciers can also be maintained as a method of splitting costs associated with showing and breeding but should never be used as a tool by the breeder to force the new owner to give up ownership of future litters. 


  • Some breeders will sell show puppies on co-ownerships and will not sign the puppy over to sole ownership by the purchaser until such age where the dog has obtained the necessary health clearances to be used for breeding. This arrangement serves to avoid the dog being bred before the appropriate age or before obtaining appropriate health clearances.



How to Choose A Responsible Breeder


Below is a list of things to consider:


  • Will NOT sell you a puppy without meeting you and/or contacting your referrals
  • Is a member in good standing with AKC the Parent Club for their breed (Basset Hound Club of America/BHCA)
  • raises their dogs/pups as part of the family and does not keep them locked outside in a kennel/cage/run or tied/chained in the yard
  • Encourages you to have a look around their establishment and shows you where the dogs are kept/raised
  • Encourages you to spend time with the pups and their mother (the father/stud is usually brought in from another breeder & after breeding is performed he is sent back to their home)
  • The breeder’s dogs are happy to see/greet people . . . no shying away, trembling or aggressive behavior
  • Shows you paperwork (certificates) regarding all vet visits/vaccinations for the puppies and the mother; knows the mother's past and present medical history; examples:*all breeds require different types of tests, if you are unsure of the type of testing that is required for the breed that you are interested in, best to contact your local veterinarian & ask what tests should be performed by the breeder.
  • Proof of genetic DNA swab
  • Gives you specific details regarding how old the mother is and how many litters she has had. The mother should be at least 2.5 -3 years old before she has her first litter; with a maximum of having 2 -3 litters in her entire life time.
  • Does not allow you to adopt your new puppy before 12- 14 weeks old . . . depending on breed.
  • Requires that they are identified with a microchip or tattoo.
  • Explains/outlines any problems specific to the breed of the pup (e.g. hip dysplasia, Progressive Retinal Atrophy, etc.); every breed has specific genetic predispositions
  • Informs you of any specific care requirement for the breed - grooming necessities/guide lines for long hair breeds such as the Shih Tzu, Bichon Frise, Maltese etc.
  • Offers recommendations and/or information regarding training, socializing, and integrating your new member into your family
  • Feeds their dogs/pups a high quality diet; explains the diet the pup(s) have been on and how to integrate it into your home/lifestyle (e.g. if dogs/pups have been raised on a raw diet)
  • Maintains the highest standards of cleanliness, care, and canine health.
  • Ask you questions such as why do you want a dog, do you have the time and basic requirements (fenced backyard) to own a dog, who will be the main caregiver and why did you choose this particular breed
  • Is extremely knowledgeable about their particular breed, the temperament of the breed, the basic exercise/grooming requirements etc.
  • Does not sell their puppies to pet stores.
  • Has you sign a contract with the following conditions:
    • you will spay/neuter the pup unless you plan on showing it (show quality dogs only)
    • the pup will be returned to the breeder at any point in the dog's life if there is any problem with keeping it (the pup will never be taken to a shelter)
If you are interested in acquiring a Basset Hound puppy from us, please complete the Puppy Inquiry/Application below:





If you are chosen for one of our puppies, this is what you can expect from Absinthe Basset Hounds:


  • ALL of our puppies are vet checked, vaccinated with 5 way puppy shots and dewormed prior to leaving us, they come with a personalized health record made by us.


  • ALL of our puppies are Registered with AKC (American Kennel Club).


  • ALL of our puppies have a written Pedigree, so we have information on the background of our dogs.  So we KNOW the health history and also any titles earned by any of the ancestors of our babies.  This is a bonus of owning a Registered Purebred dog.


  • ALL of our puppies are microchipped, so they can find their way home if they get lost and found by a shelter or brought to a veterinarian.  We encourage puppy owners to tag puppies collars stating "I am microchipped" on the tag.  The microchips are registered with the AKC so they can be recognized anywhere in the contiguous United States.


  • ALL of our puppies are sent home with an information pack full of useful information on health concerns and diet.


  • ALL of our pet puppies go on a strict non-breeding contract, to be signed prior to puppy leaving us.  Show/breeding homes are upon our approval (details to be negotiated) and a contract must be signed.


  • ALL of our puppies leave here happy and well socialized, we insist that further socialization continues for a well balanced future.

Thank You!

Absinthe Basset Hounds

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