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       Thank you for your interest in Absinthe Basset Hounds!  At Absinthe, each litter is carefully researched and planned to preserve and protect the breed we work with. Each new generation has us working to produce dogs that are healthy in mind and body and capable of doing what their breed was meant to do. Those are always our goals and we measure success both in the show ring and in the lives of our Bassets in their companion homes.


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BIG NEWS!!!!  After a two year sojourn to Tucson Arizona, Absinthe Basset Hounds (plus the Humans, Pythons, Tarantulas, and Bracco Italiano that share a home with them ) have returned to "The Burque" ...aka Albuquerque, New Mexico!!  One thing is certain, "there's no place like home."


GCH Absinthe Jean-Baptiste Brulo


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